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Durex's "Air Sex" campaign
safe_air_sex.jpgSo you've heard about Air Guitar competitions, where zany people pretend to be guitar heroes jumping around in tight pants, with a pretend guitar in their hands? Well Durex have jumped on this strange phenomenon (I never quite got it...) in the name of safe sex with their Air Sex competition running in the month of November in France. The competition is based on the notion that 'those situations that appear the least risky could hold the most risk... ' hence the Air Sex. The competition encourages young people to submit video's of their personal rendition of Air Sex, with condom. The public are invited to submit their votes for their favourite Air Sex video, for each vote submitted, one durex condom is given to a charity. The winning video will be broadcast on television, on World Aids day in France. Great initiative around a subject that does not get enough airplay. 

Nike Jordan's Flight Club
flightclub.jpgWhat do you do when you're a brand like Nike Jordan that has so many loyal (obsessive?) fans that you can't do anything wrong? How do you further engage your superbrandfans and increase their desire to continue to be a part of your inner-circle clan, keeping them interested and letting them know that you feel them and appreciate their support? It's simple, raise the bar and create an exclusive VVIP experience for those extra special fans that can never get enough. Pull them into your ranks and give them the brand advocacy 'influencer' stamp of approval and let them feel special. The Nike Jordan Flight club was launched in November 2007, as explained 

Lil Wayne blogging for ESPN
lil_wayne.jpgIt's an inspired idea combining Urban Music, Blogging and Sports: instead of getting another sports talking head to waffle on in changeroom style, persuade one of the world's hottest MC's (aka Rappers for those old folks who don't own a TV) to do the job instead. Good Work ESPN magazine on bringing Lil Wayne into your ranks , not only will you break down stereotypes when readers see how much Lil Wayne loves Tennis, but you'll also draw a fresh new readership to your magazine who probably would never had clicked your way...or maybe? We say again, Inspired. Word out. 

Diesel's XXX 30th birthday bash
diesel.jpgIt's a mammoth project, 17 parties in 17 cities around the world taking place at the same time, all on the 11th October, featuring a juicy global line up - Bloc Party in Paris,  Mark Ronson and Supergrass in London, M.I.A, N*E*R*D and Hotchip in New York (but of course) and Earth, Wind and Fire (!) in Barcelona...to cite but a few. Diesel is celebrating their 30th birthday with aplomb at their 'unparalleled, astonishing XXX parties'. The hilarious, super riské Diesel XXX video has to take the (birthday) cake - if the parties are going to be anything like the video, be scared, very scared. Nice one Diesel. Just a pity there's no bash in Africa. But I guess we can't have it all.

Reverse Graffiti - how Superb.
reverse_grafitti.jpgSince we stumbled onto the beautiful concept that is Reverse Graffiti , the world just seems like a better place, filled with so much potential. Walking around now looking around, the cities' dirty stained walls all cry out for this one-of-a-kind temporary artwork. If we had a list of our favourite urban concepts, this would definitely be in the top three ideas. It's simple: brilliantly skilled artists CLEAN dirty surfaces to create Graffiti. Make sense? See the picture of the skulls from the Brazillian Reverse Graffiti artist Alexandre Orion above? The skulls (which took TWO WEEKS to 'clean') are simply where he's cleaned away all the dirt, grime and mess of the tunnel wall. Under much duress from cops.Absolutely Breathetaking. Click here to find out more and take your time to go through at least the top three names - on each of the links you can watch a video of their work. NICE!!!! So Nice. ahhh. Flickrpics. This made my week. Now if only we can convince some of the useless taggers around to use their fingers and some spit....

Love Jozi's extended its family

thesis.jpgIconic Jozi t-shirt brand 'Love Jozi' are over the moon to have found a place to 'call home' in one of Johannesburg's most vibrant (and one of our personal favourite) communities, Soweto. The place, Thesis in Mofolo Village, home to and of the Thesis fashion label, a youthful brand ingeniously tailor-made for the people of Soweto, 'providing quality at affordable prices'. It's the brainchild of five creative youths from Soweto who put their talents together and came up with the clanger of a concept. Thesis is the only stockist that supplies the Love Jozi classics from 2 years ago - ranges 5 and 6. We're really excited for the socio-politically inspired "Xenocentric Range" launching next week as an exhibition - make sure not to miss it - click here and read more below on both brands.

In a JOVA exclusive interview, Brad Kirshenbaum, creator of Love Jozi, got up close and personal with his new extended family:

BRADLEY KIRSHENBAUM: So Mangi told me you guys were hectic at the moment?
NOMBULELO HLOMO: We’re working on our spring/summer 2008 range, we’re hectic but we’re coping…
BK: I’m also hectic, but good-hectic like you.
NH: What you working on?
BK: Also my new range.
NH: Are you showing it at any of the Fashion Weeks coming up?

Japan Calling. Arty souls take note.
shift-cover.jpg We are very curious about Japan and have been for yonks. Our obsession was fed by the time we spent in Tokyo last year just soaking everything up... now we just want to go back. Anyway, one of our favourite creative arts Japanese magazines, SHIFT, has asked us to share some of their current 'Call to Entries' for a bunch of Japanese-based competitions including digital film, art, t-shirt design and calender design. They really really want a global audience and particularly an African audience  to represent, offering up fantastic prizes - so make sure you get amongst and check out the deadlines. Read all about it below:


A peak at JOVA report - Meet Sal Masekela
sal.jpgOk, ok... we've been asked to give a peak into what a page from JOVAreport looks like. We thought we'd introduce anyone that's not already a fan by giving you a taster of one of our favourite articles, an exclusive interview with Sal Masekela: If you’re a fan of E! Entertainment, you would certainly have spotted the familiar surname of the popular host Sal Masekela. We did. And, of course, we went off to find out more about him. While doing some research on Sal’s background, we were interested to find the words, “Hugh Masekela is the father of Sal Masekela…” as an introduction to his famous dad. It seems Sal’s star is rising so fast there’s just no stopping him. We had to know more.

You’re the son of one of South Africa and the continent’s foremost musical maestros. Did you grow up at all in South Africa?
I’m a child of exile. I was conceived during my father’s 30-year exile from South Africa. My mother and father met in Los Angeles in the late 60s. My mom is from Haiti. Contrary to Internet belief, Miriam Makeba, while a dear aunty, is not my mother. I grew up in New York city till I was 16, then my parents decided to move to Southern California - San Diego, specifically. It was there that I learned to surf, snowboard and skateboard.

DJ Sdunkero's magic hook
sdunkero_welcoming.jpgWhat a warm and fuzzy ending to a Jozi dominated affair - Mpumalanga-based  Ligwalagwala FM DJ Skundero won "Song of the Year" with his track 'Maputo Song' at last weekend's South African Music Awards. Anyone vaguely musical that's heard the track will tell you it's got no vocals, no riffs, no solos and no chorus to speak of, in fact, it appears to be a repetitive Afro deep house track with a touch of kwasa. But, the fans will tell you differently, or so their sms votes proved in this category that is awarded to the track that receives the most votes sent in by the public. Mpumalanga supporters voted the mystery track to the top of the list and the province celebrated as if they'd won the rugby world cup bid. Our sister site Represent received more than 100 comments in the days following the awards - a quick browse through shows the pride of "Swazi's" happy to be included in the glittering affair at last - and many complaints from "Durbanites" not feeling recognised by the awards. Marketers, do your sums. The youth market may be saturated in Jozi, but beautiful outlying provinces like Mpumalanga and Kwazulu-Natal are hungry for attention and alert and awake online. We're going to keep listening to see if we can find the magical hook in the Maputo Song - Oh - and to all detractors who claim it's not South African, anyone familiar with the multi-cultural area of Mpums will tell you it is home to Shangaan, Portuguese, siSwati, Ndebele, Afrikaans, Pondo, Venda and English speaking South Africans amongst others! And that Maputo is where Mpum's people like to play.  Check out some of Ligwalala's photo's of the SAMA event at our JOVAflickr site here

Is "Not Even Once" enough?
surf.jpgEvery now and then we join the masses that flock to Trendhunter for a peek at what's news. Today the ever-flowing trend website pointed us towards the Montana Meth anti-drugs campaign entitled Not Even Once, where they show "dramatised" videos and posters of what the horrific drug 'meths' does to users - watch the videos here. While they do make you think about taking drugs, one has to wonder if the REAL THING wouldn't be more effective, I can just imagine cocky teens thinking "but those are actors"... athough using real drug users would require enormous sensitivity and be very tricky to pull off. Ironically, there's a South African campaign of a similar nature but with a very different approach - they use hip sports like skating and surfing, music and fun to "talk to youngsters on their level".  Not Even Once has a well-designed, engaging website, 

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