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2000 and SHINE
press_image.jpgWelcome into what we are sure will be a STUPENDOUS second year of JOVA.. and we mean that in a (2000 and) great way... In fact lets top what for us was a phenomenal year. We've been hanging out a lot on Twitter, so we thought we'd kick off this year by sharing some of the inspiration and creativity that we find everyday... Tweet!
FOR STARTERS - our favourite story has to be about the GUERIILA KNITTERS called KNITTA  - instead of graffiti or stickers, they  KNIT their mark around the world...  We love it!
"Knitta began in August 2005, when the soon-to-be-Knittas were discussing their frustration over unfinished knitting projects: half-knitted sweaters and balls of yarn gathering dust. That afternoon, they knit their first door handle. Then it dawned on them… a tag crew of knitters, bombing the inner city with vibrant, stitched works of art, wrapped around everything from beer bottles on easy nights to public monuments and utility poles on more ambitious outings. With a mix of clandestine moves and gangsta rap — Knitta was born! Today, Knitta is a group of ladies of all ages, nationalities, and… gender."

Durex's "Air Sex" campaign
safe_air_sex.jpgSo you've heard about Air Guitar competitions, where zany people pretend to be guitar heroes jumping around in tight pants, with a pretend guitar in their hands? Well Durex have jumped on this strange phenomenon (I never quite got it...) in the name of safe sex with their Air Sex competition running in the month of November in France. The competition is based on the notion that 'those situations that appear the least risky could hold the most risk... ' hence the Air Sex. The competition encourages young people to submit video's of their personal rendition of Air Sex, with condom. The public are invited to submit their votes for their favourite Air Sex video, for each vote submitted, one durex condom is given to a charity. The winning video will be broadcast on television, on World Aids day in France. Great initiative around a subject that does not get enough airplay. 

SA Tourism talks to YouTube Users
127542812_7c63f0f5cf.jpgI've been teaching in a high school in Europe for a few months now, I was recently asked by a colleague to come in and speak to her class about tourism in South Africa. The idea is that the students would be inspired by my talk and then create their own projects as imaginary visitors to the country, each describing their journey. It's not far off from South African Tourism's  recently launched initiative that invites YouTube (and others) users to put together an advert for the country, expressing their 'craziest' impressions of the place. This should make for a fun project, as some of the questions I get asked about South Africa reveal just how blurry and mysterious our continent and people are to the rest of the world. The video's are then posted on their YouTube channel for the next three months and the ones that get the most hits win an all-expenses paid holiday to South Africa. Nice thinking SATourism, exposing the cliches and stereotypes of our country (wonder if anyone will make a video not staring a lion, hungry looking kids or thorntrees) while trying out a great experiment in talking directly to your audience through social media. Read all about the competition here on TravelWires , see the YouTube channel here or simply enter here .  We invite you to get creative and inspire you with our photo from DVDMerwe of 'Ronnie's Sex Shop ' on Route 62 in the Cape. 

A Feast of Social Innovation
longheader.jpgA quick heads up for anyone in New York that's passionate about Social innovation or wants to learn more, THE FEAST conference, taking place tomorrow, looks to be a brilliant gathering of minds, featuring speakers such as Piers Fawkes from PSFK , a speaker representing the amazing IDEO design agency, the co-founders of FAME THEORY and the co-founders of IF WE RAN IT , all pretty inpirational initiatives and companies that we'd LURVE to be able to listen to... SO if you can... GO GO GO! JOVA!

Online Beauties: Free Magazines we love
blanket.jpg This is our (ongoing) list of some of our favourite online creative magazines, all of which are free for your downloading pleasure - please feel free to submit any we don't/should know/have forgotten about to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it and read all the way to number 10, it's worth it. PS: Please note the copyright laws on ALL the e-mags below - they're working hard to bring you outstanding creativity and content, please respect this by not reproducing their work in any way or form without their permission in writing:
1.We'll kick off with Studio83 , a fresh and fun e-mag lovingly put together by the starshaking Johannesburg-born creative designer George Gladwin Matsheke. You can download the latest edition "Modern Man" for mahala ('free' in South African lingo) on the site as well as all previous editions... enjoy.

Nike Jordan's Flight Club
flightclub.jpgWhat do you do when you're a brand like Nike Jordan that has so many loyal (obsessive?) fans that you can't do anything wrong? How do you further engage your superbrandfans and increase their desire to continue to be a part of your inner-circle clan, keeping them interested and letting them know that you feel them and appreciate their support? It's simple, raise the bar and create an exclusive VVIP experience for those extra special fans that can never get enough. Pull them into your ranks and give them the brand advocacy 'influencer' stamp of approval and let them feel special. The Nike Jordan Flight club was launched in November 2007, as explained 

JOVA Juice: Picnic 2008 reviewed
2905145008_66488550df_m.jpgIn a JOVA first we attended a festival virtually, thanks to two cyberspace souls that were able to Represent us at the last minute at the PICNIC Crossmedia creative festival in Amsterdam last week. They've kindly blogged the highlights for us, big shout outs and thanks go to Laetitia Dam and Bertrand Robinne for hanging out on our behalf. Of special interest to us was the Suprising Africa day, that they covered in detail for us. See their photo-story here (video still to come) and read their review below:
A new Ecosystem conference

Being music lovers we first stepped in the Flexbar where “A New Music Ecosystem” conference took place. “The music industry is changing. Artists and developers everywhere are working on new ways of connecting fans and bands and developing new businesses along the way”. As MySpace users we were mostly interested in the presentation of new Music websites. The one that caught our ears was Twones introduced by the dynamic and young Tim Heineke. Twones is a music service and a new way to store, organize, find & share music played all over the web

Lil Wayne blogging for ESPN
lil_wayne.jpgIt's an inspired idea combining Urban Music, Blogging and Sports: instead of getting another sports talking head to waffle on in changeroom style, persuade one of the world's hottest MC's (aka Rappers for those old folks who don't own a TV) to do the job instead. Good Work ESPN magazine on bringing Lil Wayne into your ranks , not only will you break down stereotypes when readers see how much Lil Wayne loves Tennis, but you'll also draw a fresh new readership to your magazine who probably would never had clicked your way...or maybe? We say again, Inspired. Word out. 

SAATCHI kicks off the SHOWDOWN
showdown_new.jpgThe Saatchi online gallery has initiated an innovative democratic art appreciation project online, where signed-up members of their virtual gallery can submit their artwork for a weekly 'public voting' competition. The public are invited to appraise the uploaded artworks and choose those that they love the most by rating their aesthetic appeal from 1 to 10. At the end of each voting week, the two artworks with the highest votes are announced - the public then get another week to vote for the winner of the two most popular pieces. A total of 12 rounds will roll out over the next few months, soliciting 12 overall finalists, until the big bad final Showdown when the most popular of the 12 will be voted for, again, by the public. Our only criticism is the prize money, a paltry 1000 pounds for the winner and 750 for the runner up. We've seen bigger prizes given out at a country fair. Come on Saatchi, surely all the effort, promotion and click traffic is worth a lot more than that? We challenge you!  Read more about the initiative from Saatchi online below:

Finalists of the Electrolux Design Lab 08 announced
2867325141_927b25fc9b.jpgThe Electrolux Design Lab competition 08 is down to the wire (we announced the call to entry in March already, my how time flies), with 9 fabulous inventions competing for the grand prize, to be announced on the 9th October 08 in Zurich. This global design competition challenges industrial design students to develop the appliances of the future. This year's theme was appliances for the i-generation that is three to five years out. Our top three have to be the gorgeous and ingenious 'stackable fridge', the 'rollaway cooking table' and the 'Drawer Kitchen: the desk-drawer hotplate and fridge', in that order. See the DL08 designs here and meet the finalists here . We look forward to finding out about the lucky number one winner that takes it all. 

South African Designer @ London Design Festival
isabella.jpgAll JOVA community members will have read the interview with eminent young South African furniture designer, Ryan Frank , whose latest fabulous creation, ‘Isabella’, was launched at the London Design Festival this September. It's an ingenious totem pole style stacking stool made from straw and wool. Drawing inspiration from traditional hand carved African seating, but wanting to avoid the use of exotic hard woods, the stools are made from a solid section of Strawboard.

Doodle away on a box
boxdoodles.jpg Members of the JOVAcommunity will know all about papertoys and flatpack toys from JOVAreport edition 001, here's a fine twist on the concept - doodle box toys.... German website box doodle project has some simple rules: rearrange a box to make any kind of figure or object, and make the most of 'the least'... doodle away in other words, and create a character. Go an do a bit of online doodling for practice first

Strong line-up for PICNIC ’08
picnic.jpgWe're so chuffed to be an official media partner of this years *sparkling* PICNIC future-forward, creative and innovation gathering in the naughty city of Amsterdam later this month. If you don't know about it, click on the gorgeous banner above, or simply read below...and then convince your boss to pay for your trip. It's worth it.  We're really hoping to go (we're still in the convincing stage), or at least send someone else to represent (we're the boss), so watch this space. The conference program for PICNIC ’08, the annual event for creativity and innovation in media, entertainment and technology, is appealing to a fast growing international audience.  PICNIC ’08 is taking place from September 24 – 26 in Amsterdam. The event combines high class international speakers with high level seminars and workshops.

It's official, We can Hue Allign.
colour.jpgWe've recently been (re)learning all about colour hues and saturation, not being overly confident in our artistic or rather drawing/sketching/designing abilities, we were delighted to discover a hidden talent thanks to the FM 100 Hue Test: Hue allignment. Yes, we're officially super skilled in alligning colour chips according to their hue which means our colour IQ is HIGH! Or low... If you have no idea of what we're talking about, see if you can beat our first timer score of 4, Test Your Colour IQ at FM 100 Hue Test .

JOVA Juice: DQ Online Magazine
picture1.jpgDQ is an online magazine site presenting the work of a range of illustrators and graphic artists in four slick volumes. Each volume has a different theme and a different artist matrix (volume two features artists from Brazil, Italy and France sketching their wild party nights all in blue bic pen, while volume two shares the work of 16 illustrators talking about women and seasons) that you can smoothly glide through at the click of your mouse, accompanied by an (eery) homemade soundtrack for each storybook. It's a gorgeous way to tell a story, sharing the voices of many in one. More volumes to come, we hope. 

Masai Barefoot Technology
tekkie.jpgHow COOL are these Masai-warrior inspired shoes? Just looking at them makes me feel more comfortable. Based on "Masai Barefoot Technology", the shoes, Swiss shoe designer Karl Müller may be radically challenging the future of shoes with his appealing 'physiological footwear' approach drawn from years of research of Masai and Korean warrior feet and walking (on very hard uncomfortable ground). More than a million pairs are sold each year... is it an ingenious idea supported by a brilliant marketing team or an authentic innovation? We're off to the shops and we'll let you know. 

Sudan under my skin
yazzeed.jpg‘Sudan Under My Skin’ is a photo exhibition comprising 35 images encapsulating the recent seven-month experience of Cape Town-based journalist and photographer Yazeed Kamaldien . Please note that this exhibition is also part of the official Cape Town Month of Photography which opens on October 2 2008. "Sometimes a place or experience can leave you scarred. Sudan did more than that. It didn’t just brush my surface; it crept under my skin.I first ventured to this African country’s troubled Darfur region in October 2004. Back then I was working as a journalist with a national daily newspaper based in Johannesburg. I never guessed that I would be back in Sudan. It was a hot afternoon on July 1 2007 when I landed 

Reverse Graffiti - how Superb.
reverse_grafitti.jpgSince we stumbled onto the beautiful concept that is Reverse Graffiti , the world just seems like a better place, filled with so much potential. Walking around now looking around, the cities' dirty stained walls all cry out for this one-of-a-kind temporary artwork. If we had a list of our favourite urban concepts, this would definitely be in the top three ideas. It's simple: brilliantly skilled artists CLEAN dirty surfaces to create Graffiti. Make sense? See the picture of the skulls from the Brazillian Reverse Graffiti artist Alexandre Orion above? The skulls (which took TWO WEEKS to 'clean') are simply where he's cleaned away all the dirt, grime and mess of the tunnel wall. Under much duress from cops.Absolutely Breathetaking. Click here to find out more and take your time to go through at least the top three names - on each of the links you can watch a video of their work. NICE!!!! So Nice. ahhh. Flickrpics. This made my week. Now if only we can convince some of the useless taggers around to use their fingers and some spit....

Place your bets on the future
future.jpgWhilst reading up some background info on KK (see below) we were directed to Long Bets, basically an online portal where members of the public are invited to place their bets or predictions about our future or... on the future. A few hard rules: one, betters have to use their real name, two, a bet cannot be changed and three, all winnings become philanthropic gifts:The Long Bets site is ..an arena for competitive, accountable predictions (Long Bets)...a forum for focused discussion and debate about prediction...an attractive tool for philanthropic giving...a way to foster better long-term thinking.


Meet Kevin Kelly
drink.jpgWe're loving reading KK.org, put together by Kevin Kelly - one of the founders of Wired magazine. Amongst many other accolades Kevin is  a respected 'futurist' or rather a 'long-term thinker' with a highly curious mind - lucky for us, he gathers all his findings and thoughts on KK for us to lap up.  KK.org is worth a good long read and click through,we're particularly entertained by the 'StreetUse' section which features: the ways in which people modify and re-create technology....[such as]  a collection of personal modifications, folk innovations, street customization, ad hoc alterations, wear-patterns, home-made versions and indigenous ingenuity. In short -- stuff as it is actually used, and not how its creators planned on it being used.

Pieter Hugo, A bright South African Star
nollywood13.jpgPieter Hugo is a young South African born photographer whose much-vaunted photographic  exhibition entitled Street & Studio: An urban history of photography is currently on show at the Tate Modern in London until the 31 August. Check out the Michael Stevenson gallery/ art historian website where you can feast your eyes on his extraordinary body of work, Nollywood, that explores the vibrant Nigerian Film Industry: "In his new body of work, Pieter Hugo explores the multilayered reality of the Nigerian film industry. Nollywood is, surprisingly, the third largest film industry in the world, releasing onto the market between 500 and 1 000 movies each year.

Experiential African Marketing
All marketing roads lead to the second African Experiential Marketing Summit on the 3rd of September at Montecasino, brought to you by Exp and the Marketing Mix. Click on the banner on the top of our website to fly there and read all about it below:
The African Experiential Marketing Summit is one of the most respected industry events in Africa for Experiential and Sponsorship marketing. The objective is to provide marketers and advertising agencies with a better understanding of marketing through experiences, rather than relying solely on the more traditional mediums (television, radio, outdoor, etc) in their marketing campaigns. It aims to offer insights, learning and best practices through experiences of respected marketers and marketing campaigns, illustrating how carefully crafted experiential strategies can and have been successfully implemented.

True Players, This is not a jersey
allblacks.jpgTwo powerful but simple creative concepts from the All Blacks branding team for the true team supporters and fanatics, literally bringing the 'customers' even closer to both brands: the (chuffed) sponsor Adidas and the team.
1.This is not a jersey, This is a Birthright - if a New Zealand baby was born on the same day as an All Blacks match on the homeground in New Zealand, the baby has 'earned' the right to their very own All Blacks jersey. So Nice.
2. Adiright  - Fans submit their names online which are then printed onto the threads that will make the players shirts using 'state-of-the-art nanotechnology'. Outstandingly nice. Sweet thinking!... and technology...
Read all about it here

Loerie Awards 2008 Saturday winners announced
promo_left.gifWe're just imagining the heavy heads and hearts this morning as a night of partying no doubt continues for some on Margate beachfront and ends for others as they rush to catch their flights back to their beds to recover... Here's the announcement of this years winners! The 2008 Loerie Awards Festival Weekend kicked off on 26 July with the Saturday night awards ceremony, hosted by Media24.

“HUMANISM – The art of selling”
human.jpgIf you've ever wondered what the lifecycle of a great Creative Directors' work looks like, make sure to get to the FADA Gallery at UJ to catch a showcase of work by prominent SA advertising creative director, Gerry Human. Creatives take note, from now on, remember to keep copies of ALL your work. "A retrospective of work by Gerry Human, Ogilvy South Africa’s Chief Creative Officer, will be exhibited at the FADA Gallery, University of Johannesburg, from Thursday 24 July until 13 August.  The exhibition comprises work from his student portfolio in 1983 through to current advertising for major brands.

Japan Calling. Arty souls take note.
shift-cover.jpg We are very curious about Japan and have been for yonks. Our obsession was fed by the time we spent in Tokyo last year just soaking everything up... now we just want to go back. Anyway, one of our favourite creative arts Japanese magazines, SHIFT, has asked us to share some of their current 'Call to Entries' for a bunch of Japanese-based competitions including digital film, art, t-shirt design and calender design. They really really want a global audience and particularly an African audience  to represent, offering up fantastic prizes - so make sure you get amongst and check out the deadlines. Read all about it below:


Permanent Breakfast
permanent_breakfast.jpgGuerrilla Innovation tells us about a fabulous public space concept, Permanent Breakfast that kicked off as an experiment in the 90s and has since swept through the world. It's a 'continuous social experiment that can be executed by anyone, anywhere. The experiment was conceived in 1996 by the Austrian artist Friedemann Derschmid and the basic idea is to bring people together to have breakfast in public spaces that are not necessarily obvious picnic spots, thereby modifying the way we think of these spaces as well as stimulating social interaction in them.

A Novel Idea
280297327_bf59eb5499.jpg The NOVEL IDEA concept was successfully launched at the Cape Town Book Fair, with lots of people signing on to a refreshing approach to reading a book. It's part of the larger MOBfest initiative, which inspires innovative content creation on the mobile platform. Novel Idea is grown-up literary content for people who'd like to read something a bit more exciting than their “love horoscope” on their phones. These brand-new stories have been commissioned specifically for the cellphone platform. Each author has written a story in 28 episodes. Each cliffhanger episode is 900 or less characters long: short and taut. Novel Idea members will receive (nearly) free episodes of

Some news from O'Mage
mtn.jpgRecently O’MAGE partnered with MTN for the third consecutive year in order to produce the MTN Y’ello Stars 2008 event, an internal awards initiative that recognizes and rewards the achievements of employees throughout the MTN organization.  See the photo set here on our JOVAFlickr site and read all about Omage's event below.

Wild Books on the Loose
bookbench.jpgWhile strolling through a German village the other day, I stumbled upon a lonely bench perched next to a rusty brown river... my eye was drawn to some brightly coloured packages resting on the seat, seemingly abandoned by someone who had sat their earlier. Picking one up, I realised it was a book, neatly enconsed in a see-through plastic envelope. The book had a Label on the front of it that explained that the forgotten novel was 'lost and looking for a home'. I was invited to take the book home with me and to give it a read and when I was done, to release it back into the 'wilds'. The instructions directed me

No Future (Without) 100 ideas
100projects.jpgPower to the people! By now you've gathered our focus is on Belgium for a while. A quick French lesson in homophones and a bit of History before we explain this superb social project "No future without 100 ideas": 100 in French is CENT, the word 'Without' is SANS - both of them are pronouned in the same way kind of like SARN with a nearly silent R and soft N. Belgium is made up of 3 ethnic/linguistic areas - Flandres, made up of Flemish speakers (similar to Afrikaans), Wallonie, which is full of French-speaking citizens, Brussels, which is both languages and the centre of the European union, so very diverse with a lot of business in English, and then in the far West of the country is a little Germanic area which tags onto Wallonie.The country is tiny. The population is just over 10 million. Peanuts. And yet, the people are divided. Simply put, some people (and politicians!) want Belgium to split and for the French half to go to France, the Flemish part to the Netherlands and for Brussels to become it's own state like Luxembourg. Many people are devastated by this thought and

BONGO - a gift in a fussy world
bongo.jpgWe couldn't help but be inspired by this ingenious customisation concept we came upon while weaving through the 'biggest pedestrian shopping area in Europe' in the wonderfully under-rated city of Liège... Belgium. Picture it, an empty minimalist white-washed interior, spotless shelves line the walls bathed in a cool light that entices you to stretch out and pick up one of more than 40 colourful cd boxes on show. Meet BONGO - the only way to give a gift in a hard-to-please world. Each colourful cd box offers a gift equivalent of a set price, that you can choose and present to a fussy friend as a 'gift experience'.  For example, if you would like to give your friend a gift worth R200, you may choose a 'champagne breakfast' box. Inside the box, is a cheque that can be presented at a number of 

Is your green idea worth R5,859,055.53?
picnic.jpg Have you got an idea for a greenhouse-gas-reducing product or service? Are you interested in using your creativity to help with the current global crises? Enter the PICNIC Green Challenge and win over R5 million to develope your bright idea. It’s a global crisis and a global competition, so scientists, engineers, superminds, enter!  “The world must embrace a new, greener lifestyle. One bright idea can make a big difference. To encourage and aid the invention of great new green products and services, the Dutch Postcode Lottery and PICNIC present the PICNIC Green Challenge 2008.”

We call on you to dream up a greenhouse-gas-reducing product or service. Send us your idea by 31 July. Watch the competition video below for more information. 

Soulful Integrated Campaign from Coke Light
Bravo to Coke Light for a stunning sample of product meets art, fashion, travel and shopping in their new "Fashion Flight " campaign just launched in Belgium and Luxembourg. Sitting at a pavement cafe on a European summer evening, you can't help but gaze at the eye-catching new skin hugging the latest series of Coke Light cans. That's because each graphic is designed by an iconic young female fashion designer representing one of five European cities: Barcelona, Madrid, Berlin, Helsinski and Copenhagen. Consumers are invited to the sublime website that brings the competition to life through sweet sounds and interaction and great visuals. Read more about this fabulara concept below and watch the ad.

The missing H in GHana
ghana.jpgWe love this. Australians look a little suprised by the pride and joyful enthusiasm shown by the only 4 Ghanains living in Sydney, Australia. But seriously, four Ghanains based in Sydney wanted to support their national soccer team that played a friendly match this weekend in Oz, unfortunately there were only four of them so not enough to make up the entire G H A N A. Their genius performances at the airport and downtown offered passers-by the chance to join their gang and become the missing H in Ghana. Watch the video below to understand the sheer brilliance behind their simple idea. Thanks for carrying the true African spirit so far! Big thanks to Adverblog

Just Say HELLO!
semaine.jpgWe're sure you've heard of the Stop Crime Say Hello campaign , if not, it's a superb initiative that's based on a simple yet potent concept, that saying hello and treating our fellow citizens with respect will make all the difference: "by looking one another in the eyes, smiling and saying hello we show respect and restore dignity. these values are the cornerstones of a peaceful and safe society. so powerful, as it is something that each of us can do every day." The South African concept is in line if not ahead of the global communication trend of "encouraging interaction, respect and empathy" between people,  as touched on in our "Meet a Black Person " post. We hope Justin Foxton and his team behind SCSH get the government, NGO and business support they need to truly give the campaign the fuel it needs to go nationwide. The Belgians have a similar campaign which was run in the second week of May this year throughout Belgium, inspired by the sad state of ISOLATION that so many citizens feel themselves living in. Known as Hello Week (Semaine de Bonjour), teams were sent out across Belgium greeting everyone they came across while walking or riding their bike, whoever said Hello back stood a chance of winning 25000 euros - R300k more or less - 500 people also won 25 euros each for replying. 

An inspired choice by Fiat Bravo
sweet.jpgFiat Bravo's latest television advertising campaign in Europe has caught viewers ears with it's gorgeous musical track "Beautiful" from Madrid-based soulful funk/acid-jazzy/blues band "Sweet Vandals ".  Lead vocalist Mayka Edjole's richly haunting voice and cute english accent certainly makes you look...and stay... rather than channel hop. An inspired choice by the creative team who put the "Every part works beautifully"campaign  together. The ad has prompted numerous online questions from curious viewers trying to find out who is behind the music, including ourselves. Watch the ad here and make sure to listen to the Sweet Vandals here. We'll be interested to see if the unexpected attention happens in both directions. We're sure it will. 

A peak at JOVA report - Meet Sal Masekela
sal.jpgOk, ok... we've been asked to give a peak into what a page from JOVAreport looks like. We thought we'd introduce anyone that's not already a fan by giving you a taster of one of our favourite articles, an exclusive interview with Sal Masekela: If you’re a fan of E! Entertainment, you would certainly have spotted the familiar surname of the popular host Sal Masekela. We did. And, of course, we went off to find out more about him. While doing some research on Sal’s background, we were interested to find the words, “Hugh Masekela is the father of Sal Masekela…” as an introduction to his famous dad. It seems Sal’s star is rising so fast there’s just no stopping him. We had to know more.

You’re the son of one of South Africa and the continent’s foremost musical maestros. Did you grow up at all in South Africa?
I’m a child of exile. I was conceived during my father’s 30-year exile from South Africa. My mother and father met in Los Angeles in the late 60s. My mom is from Haiti. Contrary to Internet belief, Miriam Makeba, while a dear aunty, is not my mother. I grew up in New York city till I was 16, then my parents decided to move to Southern California - San Diego, specifically. It was there that I learned to surf, snowboard and skateboard.

Loerie Award Deadline Extended
The submission deadline for The Loerie Awards has been extended to 31 May 2008.
With the 16 May deadline for submissions for The Loerie Awards looming close, the good news is that you’ve been granted a little breathing room.
The deadline has been extended to 31 May 2008, however all entries after the 16th of May will incur a late fee of 5%.
31 May is the final deadline for submissions, and there will be no further extensions after that.
All entry information is available on www.theloerieawards.co.za


Meet a Black Person
blackguy.jpgThose members of the JOVA community that received edition one of our JOVA report in February, will be familiar with the improvisation troupe ImprovEverywhere and the wacky and wonderful social missions they put together. Their "Frozen" people installations have spread throughout the world and a 'frozen flash mob' nogal took place in Brooklyn Mall, Pretoria - watch the video below. Their recent project 'Meet a Black Person' is a tongue in cheek project that's also really worth checking out and is in line with a number of worldwide initiatives aimed at breaking down barriers between people and getting them to say 'Hello'. 
In the tongue-in-cheek video, a 'Black guy' sets up a stall in the lily white town of Aspen, Colorado where more than 90% of the population are apparently 'white', with a sign that says: 'Meet a Black Person' - set to Snoops "Nothing but a G thing", the conversations go something like: "nice to meet you there Black person", "Congratulations on breaking the colour barrier." See both video's below. 

DJ Sdunkero's magic hook
sdunkero_welcoming.jpgWhat a warm and fuzzy ending to a Jozi dominated affair - Mpumalanga-based  Ligwalagwala FM DJ Skundero won "Song of the Year" with his track 'Maputo Song' at last weekend's South African Music Awards. Anyone vaguely musical that's heard the track will tell you it's got no vocals, no riffs, no solos and no chorus to speak of, in fact, it appears to be a repetitive Afro deep house track with a touch of kwasa. But, the fans will tell you differently, or so their sms votes proved in this category that is awarded to the track that receives the most votes sent in by the public. Mpumalanga supporters voted the mystery track to the top of the list and the province celebrated as if they'd won the rugby world cup bid. Our sister site Represent received more than 100 comments in the days following the awards - a quick browse through shows the pride of "Swazi's" happy to be included in the glittering affair at last - and many complaints from "Durbanites" not feeling recognised by the awards. Marketers, do your sums. The youth market may be saturated in Jozi, but beautiful outlying provinces like Mpumalanga and Kwazulu-Natal are hungry for attention and alert and awake online. We're going to keep listening to see if we can find the magical hook in the Maputo Song - Oh - and to all detractors who claim it's not South African, anyone familiar with the multi-cultural area of Mpums will tell you it is home to Shangaan, Portuguese, siSwati, Ndebele, Afrikaans, Pondo, Venda and English speaking South Africans amongst others! And that Maputo is where Mpum's people like to play.  Check out some of Ligwalala's photo's of the SAMA event at our JOVAflickr site here

VWV gives World of Beer a Makeover
vwv.jpgSounds like the wallflower World of Beer as we knew it is no longer as VWV and partners transform the one dimensional tourist spot into a 3D surround sound experience.  Multi-disciplinary creative teams are a growing phenomenon the world over, we imagine a 'communications rejuvenation' project was an interesting challenge for an experiential communications company that largely works with temporary communications models and platforms, we wish we had been a part of the team!  At R25 entry, get down to Newtown and soak up the World of Beer, see VWV's JOVAphoto story of the World of Beer here .  Read all about the VWV approach as they rose to the task:  In today’s modern world, marketers are faced with many challenges. Not only are consumer segments and tastes markets fragmenting faster than ever before, but the traditional advertising principles are no longer producing the results as they used to. This is most likely due to the considerable product, communication and channel clutter the market is facing.

FLOGOS - You've got to be kidding
Flogo 's are logos that look like clouds and can fly. Yip - it's for real. "In the late 1990's, two international special effects inventors, Francisco Guerra and Brian Glover, wondered what would happen if they could make clouds into shapes. SnowMasters research and development facility in northern Alabama became the home of what is now known as Flogos -Logos that Fly!" The Flogos are made from a soap, foam and gas combination and can last for a few minutes up to an hour, They can travel over 15 kilometres and go as high as 20000 feet.
They even come in three sizes and will soon be coming in different colour tints too. Ah, that made our Friday.

Russian Bear Mirrored
russian_bear_tactical.jpgAdverbox points us to this clever ambient campaign from Louw Bull in Cape Town put together for Russian Bear - entitled 'Propaganda', the posters that were put up in mens loos appear to carry messages in cyrillic - but once you check them out in the mirror, you realise you can read the anti drink-drive message. Have another. Not.

Ikea Train Japan
ikeaxjapan3a.jpgIt's not in SA yet but it should be. Affordable (wonderful) home decor and accessory shop Ikea has 'decked out a monorail' compartment, literally immersing the thousands of rail commuters inside of an Ikea decorated world. Brilliant. 
Read all about it at Asdlabs

Is "Not Even Once" enough?
surf.jpgEvery now and then we join the masses that flock to Trendhunter for a peek at what's news. Today the ever-flowing trend website pointed us towards the Montana Meth anti-drugs campaign entitled Not Even Once, where they show "dramatised" videos and posters of what the horrific drug 'meths' does to users - watch the videos here. While they do make you think about taking drugs, one has to wonder if the REAL THING wouldn't be more effective, I can just imagine cocky teens thinking "but those are actors"... athough using real drug users would require enormous sensitivity and be very tricky to pull off. Ironically, there's a South African campaign of a similar nature but with a very different approach - they use hip sports like skating and surfing, music and fun to "talk to youngsters on their level".  Not Even Once has a well-designed, engaging website, 

Great Comeback by Loveme.com
loveme.jpgWe're assuming you saw the brilliant Dove Evolution viral video where they showed the model been prepped and primed and eventually photoshopped for the billboard? If not, watch it here . Russian mail order bride website Loveme.com comes back with a brilliant take, showing how their Russian brides don't need any help at all to be beautiful. Watch below.

Dorito's UK invites fans to make next advert
doritos_logo.jpgWe're loving the black bags of Dorito's - possibly a little too much. It's not that original an idea, but the prize is worth over R300 000 once you convert 20 000 quid into rands. A quick squiz of the rules doesn't show anything that says "UK residents only" although we're not great with smallprint. Our experience of website competitions is that the entries are often mediocre with a few that stand out, so come on South Africans, get amongst and make a Dorito's commercial! Your ad can be shot on whatever you like, but it must be EXACTLY 29 seconds and you need to upload it onto the site by the 28 April. The website lets you download product shots and music to go with your ad and there's great weekly prizes up for grab.
Join the facebook group here  and fly to the website here .

Call For Entry: Loeries 2008
promo_left.gifWe're reminding you to start thinking about what work you'll be submitting to the 2008 Loerie Awards. Don't leave it to the last minute, presentation of your entries is imperative, so start thinking about how you will bring your creative brilliance to life for the judges. 
Why do we want to win awards so badly? Is it the glory in hearing your name called over a massive PA system? Is it the glare of the spotlight when you climb on stage? Perhaps it's the applause, the countless free drinks, the satisfaction of seeing your worst enemy congratulate you? Or is it just the feel of cold steel against your skin?

The Creative Economy - Are you with us?
dream.jpgIf you work in the Creative Industry, you should be aware of just how valuable you are in today's Creative Economy.  If not, you need to do some reading and cheer yourself up a bit.  The days of being poohpooh'ed at for studying a "Bachelor of Arts" (usually by mistakenly arrogant BCom students) are long over - innovative, artistic, creative talent is in high demand the world over as business, industry, economy and creativity collide.  JOVA was lucky enough to attend the first Creative Companies Conference in Amsterdam this week, JOVA community members will get the lowdown in JOVAreport. 

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