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Lil Wayne blogging for ESPN
lil_wayne.jpgIt's an inspired idea combining Urban Music, Blogging and Sports: instead of getting another sports talking head to waffle on in changeroom style, persuade one of the world's hottest MC's (aka Rappers for those old folks who don't own a TV) to do the job instead. Good Work ESPN magazine on bringing Lil Wayne into your ranks , not only will you break down stereotypes when readers see how much Lil Wayne loves Tennis, but you'll also draw a fresh new readership to your magazine who probably would never had clicked your way...or maybe? We say again, Inspired. Word out. 

Nike goes too far in Japan?

homeless.jpg Thanks to Trendsspotting for the thought-provoking post on the purchasing and renaming of a Japanese park by Nike. The article highlights the backlash voiced by bloggers throughout Japan who are clearly upset at the 'uncaring' brands move. The bloggers' wide-sweeping reactions reinforce the power of blogs and the far-flung ramifications bloggers and their followers can have on a brand's social behaviour and perception. I mean, we're posting it too, thousands of miles away. Read all about it here:: We have reported time & again , Nike is falling apart in social media buzz . Latest in the spate is renaming Miyashita Park , a public park in central Tokyo , into ‘Nike Park’ in order to build a skate park . The park currently houses 34 homeless people in tarpaulin shacks who collect recyclable rubbish and sell it per piece. However, with the transfer of rights to Nike to create Nike Park, the homeless people will be required to find a new space.

No Future (Without) 100 ideas
100projects.jpgPower to the people! By now you've gathered our focus is on Belgium for a while. A quick French lesson in homophones and a bit of History before we explain this superb social project "No future without 100 ideas": 100 in French is CENT, the word 'Without' is SANS - both of them are pronouned in the same way kind of like SARN with a nearly silent R and soft N. Belgium is made up of 3 ethnic/linguistic areas - Flandres, made up of Flemish speakers (similar to Afrikaans), Wallonie, which is full of French-speaking citizens, Brussels, which is both languages and the centre of the European union, so very diverse with a lot of business in English, and then in the far West of the country is a little Germanic area which tags onto Wallonie.The country is tiny. The population is just over 10 million. Peanuts. And yet, the people are divided. Simply put, some people (and politicians!) want Belgium to split and for the French half to go to France, the Flemish part to the Netherlands and for Brussels to become it's own state like Luxembourg. Many people are devastated by this thought and

SA Fashion to Triumph in Beijing
triumph.jpgWe think Triumph are up to speed with trends in creative marketing and advocacy: A juicy global competition supporting and exposing South African talent, supported by a blog. Only criticism, the blog could look a lot better and represent the innate concept of good design. Otherwise they have their viral marketing down.
Triumph, one of the world’s leading lingerie brands, has launched a global design competition, the Triumph Inspiration Award, as part of its commitment to supporting emerging design talent.

Short term Blogging (for events)
rohit_bhargava.jpg Although you may think that Blog's were but a passing 2007 fad, if you spend any time on the net you will know that is not the case.  Blogs are here to stay, though they may change host, look, feel, format and topic, as an easy-to-use online communications platform, blogs are very useful - particularly if you have an event, conference or campaign that requires short-term communication with your market.  Rohit Bhargava is the vice president of Interactive Marketing at Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide as well as a recognized blog author, industry speaker, and expert on integrating social media with marketing, advertising and public relations.   In Rohit's article The Complete Guide to Short Term Blogging, he shares with us his insights on when to launch a short term blog and how to do it right. For the full article, read Rohit's blog Influential Marketing here.   

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