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Loerie Awards 2008 Saturday winners announced
promo_left.gifWe're just imagining the heavy heads and hearts this morning as a night of partying no doubt continues for some on Margate beachfront and ends for others as they rush to catch their flights back to their beds to recover... Here's the announcement of this years winners! The 2008 Loerie Awards Festival Weekend kicked off on 26 July with the Saturday night awards ceremony, hosted by Media24.

Some news from O'Mage
mtn.jpgRecently O’MAGE partnered with MTN for the third consecutive year in order to produce the MTN Y’ello Stars 2008 event, an internal awards initiative that recognizes and rewards the achievements of employees throughout the MTN organization.  See the photo set here on our JOVAFlickr site and read all about Omage's event below.

Loerie Award Deadline Extended
The submission deadline for The Loerie Awards has been extended to 31 May 2008.
With the 16 May deadline for submissions for The Loerie Awards looming close, the good news is that you’ve been granted a little breathing room.
The deadline has been extended to 31 May 2008, however all entries after the 16th of May will incur a late fee of 5%.
31 May is the final deadline for submissions, and there will be no further extensions after that.
All entry information is available on www.theloerieawards.co.za


DJ Sdunkero's magic hook
sdunkero_welcoming.jpgWhat a warm and fuzzy ending to a Jozi dominated affair - Mpumalanga-based  Ligwalagwala FM DJ Skundero won "Song of the Year" with his track 'Maputo Song' at last weekend's South African Music Awards. Anyone vaguely musical that's heard the track will tell you it's got no vocals, no riffs, no solos and no chorus to speak of, in fact, it appears to be a repetitive Afro deep house track with a touch of kwasa. But, the fans will tell you differently, or so their sms votes proved in this category that is awarded to the track that receives the most votes sent in by the public. Mpumalanga supporters voted the mystery track to the top of the list and the province celebrated as if they'd won the rugby world cup bid. Our sister site Represent received more than 100 comments in the days following the awards - a quick browse through shows the pride of "Swazi's" happy to be included in the glittering affair at last - and many complaints from "Durbanites" not feeling recognised by the awards. Marketers, do your sums. The youth market may be saturated in Jozi, but beautiful outlying provinces like Mpumalanga and Kwazulu-Natal are hungry for attention and alert and awake online. We're going to keep listening to see if we can find the magical hook in the Maputo Song - Oh - and to all detractors who claim it's not South African, anyone familiar with the multi-cultural area of Mpums will tell you it is home to Shangaan, Portuguese, siSwati, Ndebele, Afrikaans, Pondo, Venda and English speaking South Africans amongst others! And that Maputo is where Mpum's people like to play.  Check out some of Ligwalala's photo's of the SAMA event at our JOVAflickr site here

Call For Entry: Loeries 2008
promo_left.gifWe're reminding you to start thinking about what work you'll be submitting to the 2008 Loerie Awards. Don't leave it to the last minute, presentation of your entries is imperative, so start thinking about how you will bring your creative brilliance to life for the judges. 
Why do we want to win awards so badly? Is it the glory in hearing your name called over a massive PA system? Is it the glare of the spotlight when you climb on stage? Perhaps it's the applause, the countless free drinks, the satisfaction of seeing your worst enemy congratulate you? Or is it just the feel of cold steel against your skin?

Montreux Golden Awards
montreux_logo.jpgThe city of Montreux in Switzerland is best known for it's popular JAZZ FESTIVAL that takes place every July attracting Jazz afficionados from around the world.  Creatives take note, similar to Cannes, Montreux also has it's very own International Advertising and Multimedia Festival taking place in April.  The awards are called the Golden Awards, the jury is made up of high level professionals from around the world who bestow certificates, golden medals and the one and only Golden Trophy to the most outstanding entries.  Entries are currently open until the 15 March - you can enter online, your work needs to have  appeared between January 1st 2007 and April 18th 2008. 

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