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Durex's "Air Sex" campaign
safe_air_sex.jpgSo you've heard about Air Guitar competitions, where zany people pretend to be guitar heroes jumping around in tight pants, with a pretend guitar in their hands? Well Durex have jumped on this strange phenomenon (I never quite got it...) in the name of safe sex with their Air Sex competition running in the month of November in France. The competition is based on the notion that 'those situations that appear the least risky could hold the most risk... ' hence the Air Sex. The competition encourages young people to submit video's of their personal rendition of Air Sex, with condom. The public are invited to submit their votes for their favourite Air Sex video, for each vote submitted, one durex condom is given to a charity. The winning video will be broadcast on television, on World Aids day in France. Great initiative around a subject that does not get enough airplay. 

SA Tourism talks to YouTube Users
127542812_7c63f0f5cf.jpgI've been teaching in a high school in Europe for a few months now, I was recently asked by a colleague to come in and speak to her class about tourism in South Africa. The idea is that the students would be inspired by my talk and then create their own projects as imaginary visitors to the country, each describing their journey. It's not far off from South African Tourism's  recently launched initiative that invites YouTube (and others) users to put together an advert for the country, expressing their 'craziest' impressions of the place. This should make for a fun project, as some of the questions I get asked about South Africa reveal just how blurry and mysterious our continent and people are to the rest of the world. The video's are then posted on their YouTube channel for the next three months and the ones that get the most hits win an all-expenses paid holiday to South Africa. Nice thinking SATourism, exposing the cliches and stereotypes of our country (wonder if anyone will make a video not staring a lion, hungry looking kids or thorntrees) while trying out a great experiment in talking directly to your audience through social media. Read all about the competition here on TravelWires , see the YouTube channel here or simply enter here .  We invite you to get creative and inspire you with our photo from DVDMerwe of 'Ronnie's Sex Shop ' on Route 62 in the Cape. 

Online Beauties: Free Magazines we love
blanket.jpg This is our (ongoing) list of some of our favourite online creative magazines, all of which are free for your downloading pleasure - please feel free to submit any we don't/should know/have forgotten about to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it and read all the way to number 10, it's worth it. PS: Please note the copyright laws on ALL the e-mags below - they're working hard to bring you outstanding creativity and content, please respect this by not reproducing their work in any way or form without their permission in writing:
1.We'll kick off with Studio83 , a fresh and fun e-mag lovingly put together by the starshaking Johannesburg-born creative designer George Gladwin Matsheke. You can download the latest edition "Modern Man" for mahala ('free' in South African lingo) on the site as well as all previous editions... enjoy.

Nike Jordan's Flight Club
flightclub.jpgWhat do you do when you're a brand like Nike Jordan that has so many loyal (obsessive?) fans that you can't do anything wrong? How do you further engage your superbrandfans and increase their desire to continue to be a part of your inner-circle clan, keeping them interested and letting them know that you feel them and appreciate their support? It's simple, raise the bar and create an exclusive VVIP experience for those extra special fans that can never get enough. Pull them into your ranks and give them the brand advocacy 'influencer' stamp of approval and let them feel special. The Nike Jordan Flight club was launched in November 2007, as explained 

Nike goes too far in Japan?

homeless.jpg Thanks to Trendsspotting for the thought-provoking post on the purchasing and renaming of a Japanese park by Nike. The article highlights the backlash voiced by bloggers throughout Japan who are clearly upset at the 'uncaring' brands move. The bloggers' wide-sweeping reactions reinforce the power of blogs and the far-flung ramifications bloggers and their followers can have on a brand's social behaviour and perception. I mean, we're posting it too, thousands of miles away. Read all about it here:: We have reported time & again , Nike is falling apart in social media buzz . Latest in the spate is renaming Miyashita Park , a public park in central Tokyo , into ‘Nike Park’ in order to build a skate park . The park currently houses 34 homeless people in tarpaulin shacks who collect recyclable rubbish and sell it per piece. However, with the transfer of rights to Nike to create Nike Park, the homeless people will be required to find a new space.

Loerie Awards 2008 Saturday winners announced
promo_left.gifWe're just imagining the heavy heads and hearts this morning as a night of partying no doubt continues for some on Margate beachfront and ends for others as they rush to catch their flights back to their beds to recover... Here's the announcement of this years winners! The 2008 Loerie Awards Festival Weekend kicked off on 26 July with the Saturday night awards ceremony, hosted by Media24.

"Together" the anti-X advert
The cheesy and wobbly "Together" soundtrack suggests it's been thrown together quickly - it's a pity as it weakens the desired 'pull factor' needed for the potency of the message, but it's great to see a selection of famous faces standing up for one people, one continent. We're just wondering where the diversity is. Ma Lilian Dube brings in some OOMPH, she certainly has the strongest most believable presence and Lira the best singing voice... and is that Louise Carver we hear and see shakily representin' in the background? Nevertheless, we need all hands on deck, so good on Leo Burnett, SABC and Mind Fox for moving fast. "Anti-Xenophobia, Dr. Khumalo, Lillian Dube, Lira, Pabi Moloi, Nthati Moshesh, Zonke, Louise Carver, Timothy Maurice Webster,Lebo Motsoeli,Sophie Ndaba, Sonia Sedibe, Bonnie Henna, Fezile Makhanya, Public Service Announcement, PSA Johannesburg, Leo Burnett, Mind Fox Productions" Watch the video below.

Soulful Integrated Campaign from Coke Light
Bravo to Coke Light for a stunning sample of product meets art, fashion, travel and shopping in their new "Fashion Flight " campaign just launched in Belgium and Luxembourg. Sitting at a pavement cafe on a European summer evening, you can't help but gaze at the eye-catching new skin hugging the latest series of Coke Light cans. That's because each graphic is designed by an iconic young female fashion designer representing one of five European cities: Barcelona, Madrid, Berlin, Helsinski and Copenhagen. Consumers are invited to the sublime website that brings the competition to life through sweet sounds and interaction and great visuals. Read more about this fabulara concept below and watch the ad.

Tidal Wave shot in Cape Town
fish.jpgNice Ad shot in Cape Town, we always wondered who made adverts in the mother city, besides Joburgers of course. In this case, it's the US wood stain manufacturere CABOT who conjure up a big storm off the Cape coast with a cheesy end - nice one. Watch it here on Adverbox .

An inspired choice by Fiat Bravo
sweet.jpgFiat Bravo's latest television advertising campaign in Europe has caught viewers ears with it's gorgeous musical track "Beautiful" from Madrid-based soulful funk/acid-jazzy/blues band "Sweet Vandals ".  Lead vocalist Mayka Edjole's richly haunting voice and cute english accent certainly makes you look...and stay... rather than channel hop. An inspired choice by the creative team who put the "Every part works beautifully"campaign  together. The ad has prompted numerous online questions from curious viewers trying to find out who is behind the music, including ourselves. Watch the ad here and make sure to listen to the Sweet Vandals here. We'll be interested to see if the unexpected attention happens in both directions. We're sure it will. 

Loerie Award Deadline Extended
The submission deadline for The Loerie Awards has been extended to 31 May 2008.
With the 16 May deadline for submissions for The Loerie Awards looming close, the good news is that you’ve been granted a little breathing room.
The deadline has been extended to 31 May 2008, however all entries after the 16th of May will incur a late fee of 5%.
31 May is the final deadline for submissions, and there will be no further extensions after that.
All entry information is available on www.theloerieawards.co.za


Must see: Sho't Left campaign
shotleft.jpgKulula and South African Tourism's new "Sho't Left" campaign aimed at getting South Africans to explore their own country is BRILLIANT. Conceived by King James agency - produced by an old friend Sam Kelly and shot by Velocity films - it's clear that the powerful team behind the concept have made all the difference to what may be one of the best and close on the funniest ad campaigns we've ever seen in SA. Featuring Japanese, Swedish and American 'tourists' lapping up the tourist trail in South Africa, the campaign takes a light-hearted dig at the stereotypical reactions of visitors to the country. Now let's get them circulating on the net! Thanks to Cherryflava, you can watch all  the clips on Youtube here - or at least watch the Japanese version below

Ambient at the Laundry
pepto-bismol-laverie.jpgGreat ambient marketing concept from Pepto Bismal - washing machines at a laundry reflect the internal goings on of a stomach. "No matter what you throw in your stomach, pinks got you covered."  Colors of Ads .

Is "Not Even Once" enough?
surf.jpgEvery now and then we join the masses that flock to Trendhunter for a peek at what's news. Today the ever-flowing trend website pointed us towards the Montana Meth anti-drugs campaign entitled Not Even Once, where they show "dramatised" videos and posters of what the horrific drug 'meths' does to users - watch the videos here. While they do make you think about taking drugs, one has to wonder if the REAL THING wouldn't be more effective, I can just imagine cocky teens thinking "but those are actors"... athough using real drug users would require enormous sensitivity and be very tricky to pull off. Ironically, there's a South African campaign of a similar nature but with a very different approach - they use hip sports like skating and surfing, music and fun to "talk to youngsters on their level".  Not Even Once has a well-designed, engaging website, 

Cultural Movements is the StrawberryFrog way
frog.jpgJOVA members will be familiar with the dynamic global creative agency Strawberry Frog from the first edition of JOVAreport. Scott Goodson is the "Founder, CEO and Chief Creative Officer of StrawberryFrog"  and yet he still has time to keep his Blog updated with his thoughts and opinions on marketing - not only that, but he openly shares his companies philosophies, successes and challenges. CEO's take note, Scott publishes his email address freely on the net, so anyone can get in touch with him.  We love Scott's thinking, confidence, practice of the abundance theory and his transparency. Make sure to read his posting on 'Cultural Movements' where he describes how his powerhouse of an  (that kicked some serious big agency traditional butt when they started out and they continue to do it everyday...), approaches their work.  

Great Comeback by Loveme.com
loveme.jpgWe're assuming you saw the brilliant Dove Evolution viral video where they showed the model been prepped and primed and eventually photoshopped for the billboard? If not, watch it here . Russian mail order bride website Loveme.com comes back with a brilliant take, showing how their Russian brides don't need any help at all to be beautiful. Watch below.

Dorito's UK invites fans to make next advert
doritos_logo.jpgWe're loving the black bags of Dorito's - possibly a little too much. It's not that original an idea, but the prize is worth over R300 000 once you convert 20 000 quid into rands. A quick squiz of the rules doesn't show anything that says "UK residents only" although we're not great with smallprint. Our experience of website competitions is that the entries are often mediocre with a few that stand out, so come on South Africans, get amongst and make a Dorito's commercial! Your ad can be shot on whatever you like, but it must be EXACTLY 29 seconds and you need to upload it onto the site by the 28 April. The website lets you download product shots and music to go with your ad and there's great weekly prizes up for grab.
Join the facebook group here  and fly to the website here .

Call For Entry: Loeries 2008
promo_left.gifWe're reminding you to start thinking about what work you'll be submitting to the 2008 Loerie Awards. Don't leave it to the last minute, presentation of your entries is imperative, so start thinking about how you will bring your creative brilliance to life for the judges. 
Why do we want to win awards so badly? Is it the glory in hearing your name called over a massive PA system? Is it the glare of the spotlight when you climb on stage? Perhaps it's the applause, the countless free drinks, the satisfaction of seeing your worst enemy congratulate you? Or is it just the feel of cold steel against your skin?

Do the Test
playit.jpgIt's a remarkable commercial. Go here now and do the test. Or watch it below.

obama.jpgWe had a good laugh last year when we saw the sultry "I've got a crush on Obama" music video by Obamagirl (see below) which suprised the Obama marketing team who claimed they had nothing to do with it. 
Cheeky viral video's aside, Dan Goldgeier, a columnist for AdColumnist.com , reckons Obama and his team have their fingers on the marketing pulse, creating the 'most sophisticated marketing program" he's ever seen.  

Montreux Golden Awards
montreux_logo.jpgThe city of Montreux in Switzerland is best known for it's popular JAZZ FESTIVAL that takes place every July attracting Jazz afficionados from around the world.  Creatives take note, similar to Cannes, Montreux also has it's very own International Advertising and Multimedia Festival taking place in April.  The awards are called the Golden Awards, the jury is made up of high level professionals from around the world who bestow certificates, golden medals and the one and only Golden Trophy to the most outstanding entries.  Entries are currently open until the 15 March - you can enter online, your work needs to have  appeared between January 1st 2007 and April 18th 2008. 

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